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Poultry, among others, repeatedly displays antimicrobial resistant bacteria. There is an urgent need to replace the use of antibiotics and antibiotic growth promoters with non- antibiotic biological agents. Current consumer choices are progressively more conscious and aimed at natural and ecological food production methods. At, ATPL, we address to this very problem and introduce- Bacteriophage as a prophylactic feed additive. We are committed to provide natural, safe, sustainable and effective solutions.

At ATPL, we adhere to our moto- 

Breeding innovation.

 Our aim is to encourage farmers and producers to maintain flock performance through preventive management measures, consistent hygienic approach and by passing the use of antibiotics.

 Innovative Poultry Health Solutions for Sustainable Future:

Avians leads the way.

Our products are natural alternatives to antibiotics for poultry and livestock

Gut Health

Gut microbiota is a fragile ecosystem that can be disturbed by many factors such as pathogens, vaccination, drugs, antibiotic treatment, heat stress, feed transition. Feeding selected probiotics help in overcoming the disturbances in the gut. Our products provide for the perfect combination of probiotics at optimum level.

Antimicrobial resistance

Antibiotic use in livestock production has become a concern because of potential to develop and spread antibiotic-resistance bacteria and because of concerns including antibiotic residue in products. The products we provide overcome this problem even before it arises.

Food Safety

The development of bacterial resistance due to the misuse of antibiotics and chemicals, especially in the farm industry, can bring dangerous effects for the global population. Therefore new safe biological antimicrobial solutions are urgently needed which will ensure safety of food products consumed by end users. Our products help you level up on that front.

Reducing Antibiotic Resistance:
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Our product range helps you to choose both,economic and environmental sustainability while retaining optimal performance parameters.

Our Motto is to make Small Differences in Multiple Numbers to bring in Big Change.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Antibiotic resistance occurs when bacteria develop the ability to resist the effects of antibiotics, making them less effective in treating bacterial infections. This occurs when antibiotics are overused or misused, leading to the selection of antibiotic-resistant strains of bacteria.

Prophylactic phage therapy reduces use over use of antibiotics and subsequent development of antibiotic resistant bacterial strains. Judicious use of antibiotic helps in maintaining its effectiveness if and when needed.

Antibiotic-free livestock rearing offers several benefits, including reduced antibiotic resistance, improved animal health and welfare, improved food safety, enhanced environmental sustainability, and improved marketability. By promoting natural methods to prevent and treat disease, antibiotic-free livestock rearing can promote a more sustainable and responsible approach to livestock production.

Our products are easy to administer and require daily administration via water. The purpose of providing bacteriophage daily is to maintain adequate titres of bacteriophages.

BCCTRIM, GALLIBIOTIC, CCK-BIO-TCC are our most valued products with excellent results in layers, broilers and chicks respectively.

Probiotics help in improving got health, boost immunity, reducing anti biotic associated side effects and overall helps in promoting health and well being of livestock and poultry.

Bacteriophage act as alternative to antibiotic and probiotics act synergistically with bacteriophages to maintain the vitality of gut health. The combination unlocks the potential of attaining optimal production capacity.