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  • IntroductionOn Avians Trades Pvt Ltd website we wish to provide you with the best possible access to our products and information about what we do. That is why your privacy and security of your personal data will always be one of our top priorities. Therefore, we want to clearly explain how we collect, store, provide and use your personal data and to define the methods of controlling and identifying preferences that are available to you when providing your personal data.
  • Information About the Policy This Policy sets out key information regarding your relationship with respect to personal data with Avians Trades Pvt Ltd, Pune, Maharashtra, India. We may periodically prepare new offerings through the website. If introducing new or additional offerings results in the change of the method in which we collect or process your personal data, we will provide you with additional information, conditions or principles. Unless provided otherwise, any new or additional services to be introduced will be subject to this Policy. The objective of this Policy is to:

    • guarantee that you understand which personal data we collect with your consent and reasons why do we collect and use data and with whom do we share such data;
    • explain how do we use personal data which you provide to us so that you can browse Avians Trades Pvt Ltd website with pleasure; and
    • explain your rights and preferences with respect to personal data collected by us and the manner in which we protect your privacy.
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  • How do We Collect Your Personal Data We collect personal data whenever:
  1. you address a query to us — whenever you address a query to us, your specific personal data such as email address, name, possibly also (as long as given by you) your contact telephone number, as well as company details, will be collected
  2. you use this website— whenever you use our website, we collect personal data about how you use the site such as information about products you view and time you spend on our website.

We use anonymised or aggregated information for such purposes as IT system testing, research data analysis, building marketing and promotional models, website improvements and development of new functionalities and options on the site.

  • Personal Data That We Collect In the tables below, we list categories of your personal data that we collect and use:

Personal data collected whenever a query is addressed to us

Personal Data Category Category Description
Contact details These are personal data that you give in order to address a query to us. Such data includes email address, name (and also, if given by you: contact telephone number and company details).

Personal data collected whenever a query is addressed to us

Personal Data Category Category Description
Data about website use That is personal data collected whenever you use the website — it may include:
• Information about your interaction with the website, including a detailed description of the queries sent, their date and time, information about viewed content.
• Technical data that may include URL address, data from cookies, your IP address, type of devices used by you to get access to the website or connecting thereto, unique device ID, device information, network connection (e.g. Wi-Fi, 3G, LTE, Bluetooth) and service provider, network and device efficiency, browser type, language, data enabling digital right management, operating system. Other information about technical data processed by us is available below.
  • How Do We Use Personal Data   Whenever you use or have any interaction with the website, we may use various technologies for collecting information about you for a variety of reasons. Below please find a table presenting reasons due to which we process your personal data, related legal grounds that in accordance with law enable us to process your personal data, and personal data categories that we use for such purposes:
Why Avians Trades Pvt Ltd Processes Your Personal Data (“Purposes of the Processing”) Legal Grounds Allowing Data Processing Categories of Personal Data Used For Processing
To reply to queries submitted through the website and to ensure, personalize and improve the website use, for example to provide adapted, personalized, and localized content and advertising displayed through the website. • Legitimate interests • Contact details
• Data about website use
To understand how do you get access to the website and use it to ensure technical functionality and analyse the manner in which you use the website, including your interactions with advertising and products made available directly or through links or offered through the website. • Legitimate interests • Data about website use
To communicate with you in matters related with the website • Legitimate interests • Data about website use

Sharing Personal Data

Information that we may share

Categories of Recipients Reasons of Sharing Data
Suppliers and others We use the services of the technical service providers that may support technical infrastructure that we need to reply to queries addressed to us through the website, in particular the suppliers that host, store, maintain and manage the website, its contents and data that we process.
Academic researchers Your personal data used in such activities as statistical analysis and academic research will be disclosed only in pseudonymised form
Law enforcement and data protection authorities We will disclose your personal data if we believe in good faith that this is required of us based on our legal obligations or as a response to important legal actions such as an arrest warrant, court judgment or court summons. Your personal data will also be made available if we believe in good faith that it is necessary for our own purposes or legitimate interests of a third party related with national security, law enforcement, litigations, prosecution of criminal offences, protection of security of any person or protection against death or injury provided we decide that such interests override fundamental rights and freedoms in connection with which protection of your personal data is required.
Buyers of our business Your personal data will be disclosed if we sell or agree to sell our business to a buyer or a potential buyer. Then, PROTEON PHARMACEUTICALS S.A. will continue to ensure confidentiality of your personal data and will send an appropriate notification before your data is disclosed to the buyer or is governed by the regulations of a different Privacy Policy.


It is possible that we will display third party advertising and other content containing links to third party websites. We cannot control contents offered by third parties or their privacy policies; also we cannot be responsible for them. If you click on a third party link or advertising, please remember that you are leaving the website, and any personal data that you will provide will not be governed by this Policy. You should familiarise yourself with the third party privacy policies in order to find out how personal data of users is collected and processed.

Security of Personal Data

It is our objective to protect personal data of our users. We implement adequate technical and organisational measures to protect your personal data, however, remember that no system is ever completely safe. We have implemented various rules such as pseudonymisation, encryption, policies governing access and storage to protect against unauthorized access and unnecessary storage of the user personal data in our systems.


Cookies are text files stored on your device when you visit a website. Cookies help entities that make websites available to recognise your device. Find more about cookies at: or In fact a “cookie” defines a broad range of technologies, including:

pixel tags (transparent graphic tags on a website or in email communication which generate information about visiting the site or reading an email),

mobile device identifiers, and

website data storage function used by computer software or mobile devices.

A “cookie” will be used in this Policy to describe all such type of technologies but we will attempt to present detailed information about them to enable you to make informed choices regarding cookie settings. Cookies have different tasks such as efficient navigation between the sites, remembering preferences and generally they contribute to improving the user experience. They may also assist you in selecting appropriate advertising displayed when browsing websites in compliance with your preferences and interest. There are a few categories of cookies, including:

Session and Permanent Cookies.

Session cookies – are cookies which are no longer valid after you close the browser; and

Permanent cookies – are cookies which remain on the device for some time or until removed.

Own and Third Party Cookies

Own cookies – are cookies placed through a website that you visit at a given time, by us or by a third party upon our request;

Third party cookies – are cookies placed by an entity other than the website that you visit. If you visit, and other entity places cookies through this website, this cookie will be a third party cookie.

We can also differentiate between cookies depending on their purpose, including:

Necessary Cookies

Such cookies are necessary to enable the use of our website. Without such cookies, some of the services may not be delivered.

In summary, such cookies enable the use of certain functions chosen by you and enable the provision of our products and services.

Performance Cookies

These are cookies which provide us with information about how our services are used by visitors, e.g. which sites are visited most frequently, information about most frequent errors occurring on the sites. These cookies anonymously collect information about the visited sites. All information collected in such files is combined thanks to which they become anonymous. It is used only in order to improve our services.

This category includes the web analysis which uses cookies in order to collect data to facilitate website operation. They may be used to test projects and ensure a form adapted to the user. This category does not include cookies used by the providers of behavioural/ targeted advertising.

Functional Cookies 

Such cookies enable the website to save user settings (user’s name, language, location) and help to facilitate and better adapt the services. Such cookies also enable remembering all changes made by the user, e.g. size and font change in the text and other elements of the website that may be personalised. Data collected by such files may be anonymised and cannot be used to monitor action on other websites.

Such cookies enable remembering selected choices to improve the comfort of use.

If the cookie alone is used to re-target, it has to be also included in the category of “Cookies Related to Advertising and Its Recipients”. This may also include cookies that are used for a specific purpose and if this function includes cookies used by the providers of behavioural/targeted advertising, they must be also included in the category of “Cookies Related to Advertising and Its Recipients”, as well as in this category.

Cookies Related to Advertising and Its Recipients

Such cookies are used to provide you with advertising which better suits your interest. They are also used to limit the frequency with which you see the same advertising and to assess the effectiveness of advertising campaigns. Usually, they are placed by advertising networks upon the consent of the website operator. They remember your visits and thereafter send this information to organisations such as advertisers. Often such files are related to the functionality of the sites placed by such organisations.

Such cookies collect information about your practices in the web to better adapt advertising to your interest.

Cookie Setting Management Browser Cookies

You can withdraw or modify your consent to the use of cookies at any time. If you do not wish to receive cookies you may change your browser settings to accept, block or remove cookies. To do this, follow instructions provided in your browser (usually in the settings on “Help”, “Tools” or “Edit” sites).

Remember, if you set your browser to block cookies, it will not be possible to fully use all the functionalities of the website. More information is available at:

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